17 Great Makeup Ideas

duminică, 24 mai 2015

I have 17 Makeup Ideas for you today that you will find very useful and you will like. Every outfit should be completed with a good makeup.  And if you want to do your make up by yourself the tutorials are the best way for that. I found you 17 Makeup Ideas for different eye colors and with different eye shades and ways of doing your make up.

So, take a look at the pictures below and follow them step by step so that you can do your make up.
View all 17 styles here: http://fashionsy.com/17-makeup-ideas/

Angled Closeup - Make Up Tutorials

Angled close up shot was using motivescosmetics mavens element palette (Birch, Shell, Native, Serene, Aubergine and Raven), bhcosmetics Hollywood palette for the blue, maybelline black gel liner, & lorealparisusa telescopic mascara.

VIDEO - How to Get Rid of Double Chin Fast!

marți, 19 mai 2015

4 tips for pretty feet

Clean feet are pretty feet:

The secret to pretty feet lies in keeping them clean. Soak the feet regularly in a tub of mild warm water and wash them with a soap or feet scrub. Clean the soles with a pumice stone to get rid of any dead skin. Try to wash your feet as frequently as possible during the day, especially after returning from outside. Pat your feet slightly dry after washing and let them air dry slowly. Do not put on any socks or shoes while the feet are damp, as it can cause a bad smell.


The outside environment and regular washing can go hard on your feet. Moisturize your feet with a lotion after every wash to keep the skin soft and pretty. Put on a lot of lotion before going to bed at night. Massage the lotion well into your feet so that the blood circulation increases and the skin absorbs the moisture. You can then put on socks for the night.


Nails are an important part of feet. Keep the nails trimmed and shaped. Clean the nails regularly with an old brush. Paint the nails with good quality nail colour to make them appear more attractive and groomed.


Sandals may appear to be the most appealing choice on literally all occasions. However, wearing shoes which cover your feet can do them a great favour. The shoes protect the feet from the dust, allergies and harmful objects like nails in the ground. Even the rough air can cause feet to go dry. Therefore, it is best to keep shoes on during times when you will be outside. Try to keep the shoes dry at all times to prevent any smell from developing. Change socks frequently, preferably daily, as dirty socks can cause smell and bacteria growth. This can harm the feet and also encourage bad odour.

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