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sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2016

  • The Slide Lite is the smaller variant of the popular Slide-camera strap. The strap designed primarily for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. But he is also very good for small DSLR cameras, for bridge cameras or for compact cameras. Also, the Slide Lite offers an enormous versatility: It can be used either as a neck strap, shoulder strap or as a Sling.
  • If you wear the Slide Lite as a shoulder strap or as Sling, then fasten the belt camera hangs in a really stable position, and they do not dangle around. And the Sling provides the Slide Lite anytime a lightning-quick camera access. In addition, the Slide Lite has a smooth side for use as Sling and a non-slip side for use as a shoulder strap.
  • An important feature is the secure attachment system with the stable anchor loops for mooring at the respective camera and the matching plug closures on the belt. The loops can be identified through the tripod socket of the camera to either the Strap or by using the enclosed Arca-compatible camera plate. The loops and the shutters are extremely securely connected, but they can still separate single-handedly. In addition, they are also for other peak-design products.
  • The belt is 1.25 inch (3.2 cm). In addition, a thin cushion is incorporated in the strap. By using two metal straps the strap length can be adjusted very easily. The enclosed Standard Plate Camera Plate has a revolving Arca profile. This allows you to take off his camera from the strap and fasten directly to a ball head with a compatible quick release.
  • Length: up to 144 cm (57") (adjustable); Width: 32 mm (1.25") Weight: 141g (226g as packed) Load capacity: up to 90 kg; Color: Black; Package included: 1 Slide Lite Strap, 4 anchor loops, 1 Standard Plate camera plate, 1 Allen key

CHeaper on amazon here:

Peak Design 3-In-1 Slim Version Neck / Shoulder Sling Strap With Standard Plate For DSLR, Compact and Point-and-Shoot Cameras

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