How to: get a thick bohemian braid, even if you have thin hair

luni, 23 februarie 2015

Step-by-step Instructions:
  1. Gather a section of hair near your part.  Divide into three sections
  2. Begin a dutch braid.  Remember, a dutch braid is the same as a french braid except you’re braiding the outside sections UNDER the middle instead of over.  So braid the top section under the middle, braid the bottom section under the middle, transfer all strands into bottom hand, add new hair with free hand to top strand, braid under the middle, transfer all strands into top hand etc…
  3. When you get a few inches past your ear, continue with a regular three strand braid
  4. Pancake the braid by pulling on the strands to make more full
  5. Tie off with a clear elastic and then pin with criss-cross bobby pins underneath the hair in the back
Tips: Keep the braid tight, you can always loosen later.  To get the curls, wrap one inch sections around a one inch wand.  Wrap the sections away from your face.  When finished curling, brush the hair with a paddle brush and spray with some Redken Wool.

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