Romanian beef stew

miercuri, 18 februarie 2015

1 tbl First Choice olive oil
500 gm Tenderbeef steak, eg. porterhouse, rump or schnitzel
1 x onion, sliced
2 x cloves garlic or 2 teaspoons Gregg's crushed garlic
2 tsp Gregg's chilli seasoning
375 gm Paul Newman's Sockarooni Sauce
150 ml Continental real beef stock
425 gm Edgell kidney beans, drained
190 gm Sancho tortilla chips
1/2 cup grated cheese
Country Goodness sour cream and parsley to garnish
Method of cooking Romanian beef stew recipe
* Heat the oil in a saute pan.
* Slice the Tenderbeef into strips.
* Add the beef, onion and garlic to the hot pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes until golden.
* Add the chilli and saute for 30 seconds, then add the sauce, stock and kidney beans.
* Simmer and stir for 15-20 minutes until tender and enriched.
* Transfer to a serving dish/dishes. Place the chips around the dish, sprinkle with cheese and grill until melted.
* Add the sour cream, parsley sprigs and serve.

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